5 Tips for Buying Used Furniture for Your Home

5 Tips for Buying Used Furniture for Your Home



Your home furniture is what makes your home so comfortable, right?  Furniture is the centerpiece that makes your rooms fit and facilitates your enjoyment of your other amenities comfortably. Since this is such a large factor in your home, it is hard to replace it as often as you would like.  Instead of saving thousands and thousands of dollars on furniture for your home, why not take a look at a second-hand dealer? Sometimes used furniture can sound like a sketchy thought, but with these 5 tips, your guests will be amazed at how you are able to find such nice furniture without spending an ugly amount of money.

1. Refinish Wood Furniture 

Did you find a quality piece of hardwood furniture? This is a popular technique to improve the look of your new piece. Re-purposing your furniture is a great thought, but keep in mind that it could potentially ruin your newfound furniture.

2. Consider Hotel Furniture 

These can be harder to find, but hotels renovate so often to remain modern, and competitive, that you can sometimes scoop some of these deals when they are renovating if you keep your ear to the ground. Watch your local newspaper, online ads and classifieds, even social media. As always, be wary of the mattresses.

3. DIY Can Hide Imperfections 

Did you find a piece that you really like, but has clearly seen better days? You can give it some TLC using cutouts from wallpaper to make it look more custom or seal the wallpaper to the surface of the piece. That method will help keep it from peeling and be more resistant to rings from condensation from your beverages.

4. Know Your Dimensions 

This is solid advice whether or not you are buying used or new. Know what dimensions your room can support. It’s always frustrating to find a piece you like, then find that it doesn’t fit when you take it home. Our advice is to not start shopping until you know for sure or can find a way to make it work.

5. Mailing Lists 

Many dealers that have been around for a while will get new items in quite often. Some may be from warehouses and others from retailers. If you really like a particular dealer’s selection, then you may want to be included on their mailing list so you will be notified of anything new so you can get it before someone else does.

Getting new furniture is always exciting and the enjoyment lasts long after the day you purchase it if you know that you shopped correctly for your items. Quality pieces should last you a long time and even if you are going to swap it out for something new in a few years, you know that you didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars and you won’t have to again this time!



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