5 Top Tips for Buying Used Furniture

5 Top Tips for Buying Used Furniture

Introduction to buying high-quality used furniture 

Buying quality used furniture can be tricky, but thankfully, we are here to help you make identify the best decision when you come to it. We have compiled the following 5 tips to help you make one you won’t regret:

1.) Try out the used furniture: Regardless of where you buy your used furniture, be sure to use it. Check how easily the drawers slide in and out of the desks, sit in the furniture, just try it. If you aren’t happy with how the piece functions, then you can always try negotiating a lower price.

2.) Trust your gut: Furniture that has been in another’s house could show some signs of it (worn cushions, odors, etc.). When you are testing the furniture, keep this in mind. Some may go away and others may not, like smoke. Don’t get so caught up in the good deal that you lose sight of how it is going to look and feel in your home.

3.) Reupholstering furniture can save money: Second-hand and old furniture may be perfectly quality, but just need some updating. Reupholstering can be your solution. Like renovating your home, you keep the same piece of furniture, but you just make it look different. Don’t think that just because the piece doesn’t look appealing on the sales floor that it wouldn’t be nice in your home.

4.) Pay attention to the used couches: They are not created equal in their inner structure. Don’t look much further at those that contain mesh or peanuts in the cushions. They feel good, but they don’t last. Look for support construction that is more complex and well-built so you don’t have to keep swapping cushions all the time.

5.) Metal used furniture is a good alternative: Furniture constructed out of aluminum or wrought iron can look really good when it is refurbished. When you are shopping for metal furniture, consider functionality and longevity over aesthetics.

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