How Do I Shop for Used Furniture for My Office?

How Do I Shop for Used Furniture for My Office?


Small businesses don’t always have a large budget to make the space look like what the owners normally envision. Good news: you don’t have to! And, no, you don’t have to take out a loan. The best solution is to buy the furniture used.

Naturally, the savings will differ based on the size of your office and other consistent variables that are present when shopping, but in most cases, you can find high quality furniture at a huge discount. With that being said, there are some tips that we recommend that you keep in mind when shopping for used furniture.

Safety Should Top Your List

Safety should always be the top priority when you are buying someone with which people are going to frequently interact. When you are buying things like cabinets or otherwise heavy pieces, then make sure that they are level and won’t break when being used.

Give More Attention to the Important Items

When you are buying items that are critical to your business’s performance, you will want to give them a higher degree of scrutiny than just something for decoration. Objects like chairs, desks, and any electronics that you will be using almost constantly should be vetted differently, and more rigorously. When shopping for these items, it is in your best interest to buy them from a reputable dealer or get a warranty.

This doesn’t just go for the things upon which most of your work hinges, but also the peripheral tools that help you and your employees’ productivity to be at maximum performance, like chairs and desks. You won’t want your employees’ attention being upon whether the chair in which they are currently seated will give out unexpectedly, but rather the work to which you have assigned them.

Consider Longevity

When shopping for used furniture, be sure to have a clear, and accurate, idea of how long the furniture should last. Used furniture from a high-quality seller can last for decades. On the other hand, if the piece is not critical, then you may be able to use those to save money for those that are. There are also just pieces of furniture that almost always last a long time because of the kind of furniture they are, such as couches and conference tables. They don’t normally have to endure rough usage, so they normally last longer. Therefore, they also come at a higher price, but you will exchange that for the peace of mind that accompanies knowing that you won’t have to buying another one every few years.

Price Shop

Price is likely the most important factor in your decision, so when you are shopping do it the same as you do for your personal decisions and look for great deals. As always, if the price looks too good to be true, then it’s probable that it is. Also, compare the price of the used item that you are considering and the item that you would otherwise buy new. As always, make the best decision for your business without sacrificing quality. If you make a good decision now, it will reward you down the road.

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