Our Best Ideas to Furnish Your Living Room

Our Best Ideas to Furnish Your Living Room

Introduction to Furnishing Your Family Room

Let’s be real – your family room is the centerpiece of your house. This is where your guests “ooh,” and “ahh” when they visit. It is also where you come home to relax in the evening after a long day. It is classy. Fancy. But best of all, comfy and cozy. Below we have 5 of our best ideas to help you achieve the look and feel that you may be going for with your interior design for your family room.

1. Get an Area Rug for Your Family Room

Regardless of whether you have hardwoods or carpeting, an area rug brings some focus into the room and should frame the room nicely with the rest of the furniture that is in it. To size it appropriately, by ensuring that the furniture that you use for seating (sofas, sectionals, accent chairs, etc.) overlap the area rug at least halfway. You can match the colors in your rug to accent other items, your pillows, and rest of the decor in the room.

2. Consider Storage in Your Family Room

Often, your living space will just begin collecting your belongings, toys, and things that you don’t even remember buying. Knowing this, you can plan accordingly and find a proper place for them to be stored as you begin accumulating things. If you have some barren wall space, a bookshelf may be a good option. The lower shelves can be home to some bins or canvas containers. Keep the higher shelves for the lighter items. You can also use some unused floor space to feature an ottoman that doubles as a storage container.

3. Add Some Light Into Your Living Room

Nothing accents a room quite like some natural lighting. If you can, do whatever possible to allow more of it to stream in. You could use a sheer or light-colored drape/curtains to shield it if it is too brilliant. If your windows aren’t very large, then you could add a mirror on the very opposite of the room where the window is located. This will help your room look like it has more windows than it really does and reflects more light without spending a lot of money.

4. Find a Conversation Starter for Your Room

This could be an oversize piece of artwork or something just plain eccentric that causes you guests to wonder what the meaning of it is. The implication, of course, is that everything in your room has purpose, especially if there is a theme. If you feature something that doesn’t readily appear as if it fits, then you can use that as your conversation starter. If it is wild enough, then your guests will begin asking you about it.

5. Accent the Walls in Your Family Room

If you really are enjoying the slightly unconventional path, consider painting your walls something different than the rest of the rooms in the house or something that inspires as much curiosity or excitement that your aforementioned conversation starter would. This is where your purpose for the room will come into play. If you are decorating it to be something wild, fun, an exciting, then some of the unconventional options may be right up your alley, however, if you are looking for something more traditional, cozy, and easy to fall asleep in, then these won’t be for you.

Concluding Remarks

Ultimately, the room that you decorate is about you and the emotions that it elicits from you. Walk into any room in your house. Look at the paint. Sit in the furniture. How does it look? How does it feel? Are you cozy? Does it feel warm? Do you feel energetic? This is your investment of time and money – you are the priority. Do you like it? If not, then chance what you don’t like. It really just boils down to that. If you are looking to do something that impresses your friends, then nobody knows them better than you. Pay attention to what they say they like when you are out shopping with them and figure out what it is that makes them tick. Readapt that in your room when you are decorating it. And, most-importantly, have fun!

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